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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Time To Rein It In!

I'm very excited.  I think I am finally a "safe date"!  My doctor says she can't confirm until I have been without a period for a year but given that I haven't had one since April, I think I'm on my way as they say!  Probably TMI but the birth control has been left in the drawer. :-)  I have been looking forward to this stage of my life for years!!

Why?  Well, I had my child when I was 33.  I had tried for years before that and then years after.   Tried with this hubby as well before giving up.  I am sooo tired of that waiting, wondering game.  Then, after I gave up, trying to not get pregnant!

I know, I know, things can happen.  But, seriously, post-menopausal FSH is between 23 and 116 according to my lab slip.  I'm a whopping 81!  LH for post-menopause is between 10 and 54.7.  I am 54.6.  Whew whoo!

I think I was in perimenopause for years.  Cycle shortened to 26 days a few years back and I have had some unexplained, mild mood issues from time to time.  Had hot flashes last summer but they went away.  Hair, always super thick, has been thinning.....fortunately I still have a lot left!

Since January I have been gaining belly fat.....NEVER had that before, even with years of drinking.  I have put on 8 pounds since January!!  In May I got the hot flashes again and now they are pretty much gone.  Maybe a little "warming" but no sweating.  My mood went beserko from May through June, seriously, I reacted over the strangest things.

All my bloodwork at annual physical was perfect.  So much so that the secondary hormonal testing was the only way to see what is really going on.  I skated through again with no signs of alcohol abuse.

But now....I feel great!  I have been exercising almost daily.  My mood is much improved.  The relief of knowing I may be through that waiting, wondering period has been like a great weight lifted off my shoulders.  I always knew it would be hard to get pregnant again but now I can see my body is shutting that off.

However, I realized just how many extra calories I am consuming by still drinking.  Wowzer.  Okay, done.  If I don't rein this in now, my body is going to blimp out of control.  Alcohol is actually easier for me to control than food.

So here goes another 100 days for a serious reset.  As I've said, I identify with being a non drinker so might as well live that lifestyle!  No alcohol and just no junk food is my only goal for this week with one day per week indulging in 6 squares of Cadbury.  Shoot, I just knocked off 800 calories a day by giving up fast food, golden oreos, regular cadbury and alcohol.  And I will keep on exercising!

I was dry all last July and it will feel good to have two July's under my belt!

Here goes!!!

5'9", 175 (sigh)


  1. Do not leave your birth control in the drawer!!! I am a breast cancer survivor who goes to a gyn at Sloan Kettering. Chemo put me in menopause, according to all of the hormone level testing...BUT...they told me to keep using the BC, as a woman is not truly in menopause until they have gone one year without a period, as the hormone testing can fluctuate, day to day, and even minute to minute! They even made me take a two year drug holiday before starting a drug for people in menopause just to make sure I was truly in menopause (the drug doesn't work if you are not), Also, just want to state that my girlfriend went 11 months without a period, hormone testing being indicative of menopause, and she got her period at month 12. Needless to say, she had to start counting all over as she wasn't truly in menopause (that whole woman's fluctuating hormone thing!) I am not trying to burst your bubble...I just want you to be forewarned my friend!!! And best of luck with Dry July!!! You've got this!!!!! xo

    1. Oh pee on my parade why don't ya?! Lol, yes, advice taken to heart.

  2. I'm doing 100 days too, emailed belle Friday. Day 3 today (Sunday) so we are going to be doing it together!

    1. Right on, girl, we are on the same day, its just that it is still Sat here, lol.

    2. Excellent, that's great. Same day, that's motivation knowing someone else is the same.

  3. You'll be glad to know that I wont be giving you any advice on the menopause or BC but on a more serious note I follow your story with interest as you are still wrestling with alcohol but it seems you know where you want to get to - good luck on getting there and hope July is nice and dry for you.

    1. Ha, lol. I am on Day 3 today and I will say I have noticed bloating going down. You mention bloating in your blog so I guess men feel alcohol bloat too! I do wrestle with it in my life. I do want to generally be alcohol free with the option to have a glass of champagne at a wedding or a nice glass of wine out to dinner. It's the daily drinking at home that I seem no good at. Once I have that first glass of wine....all bets are off!

  4. I am glad you are feeling better already, Habit!
    I have been over eating this summer, and it's driving me nuts!
    I hope to get it under control a little bit here.
    Happy Day 4!

    1. Thanks, Wendy. I have been really focusing on eating healthier....or at least making better choices. I do feel better for it!