Sunday, July 16, 2017


Today my saving grace was my reflection.....

We had a dinner party to go to with 4 other couples.  I was worried about how I would not drink.

After getting ready for dinner and stressing about how fat I looked in everything and how many clothes in my closet looked horrible on me, I truly had no desire to drink.  All I could think about was how drinking wine would just pour crap into my already protruding belly!

But....I wasn't sure how I could get out of drinking.  I even finally decided that if they poured me a glass of white I would take it, have a few sips and switch to water.  THAT would have been a test for sure.

When we got there, however, everyone was drinking red and I don't really like red.  I just told the hostess I quit because of my hot flashes and all was good.  I had declared it and I stuck with my water all night long.  And it was fine.

I wasn't sure how I would do because we didn't know anyone but the host and hostess.  I was worried about socializing without alcohol, and it was fine.  In fact at one point I sort of felt buzzed.  Must have been gas from all the bubble water.  But I didn't seem to have any problem talking to others and it was fun!  I didn't make a fool of myself, I was able to drive us home and I observed and listened a lot more than I normally would have.

As others have remarked upon, I, too, noticed how little everyone drank.  One woman kept pouring herself red wine and might have been a little tipsy but nothing overtly so.  All the others moderated and switched to water after a few glasses.  Conversation didn't get rowdy and I enjoyed all the topics going on around me.

The fact that the house had mirrors everywhere didn't hurt.  I kept catching a glimpse of myself and felt a bit depressed.  But that's okay, at least I wasn't drowning my sorrows then with more wine.

I'm not even really fat.  I feel fat, that is the problem.  My friend would love to get "down" to my weight so I can't complain.  I'm healthy looking but as someone else blogged about, I think I look a lot better than I do so catching my reflections really bum me out.  Trying on my clothes really bum me out.

I'll deal with that slowly but surely.  I probably could have had that glass of wine and been done but then I would have felt like I had let myself down with one measly glass and it wouldn't have been worth it!!!  Or.....I might have had an extra glass....or worse, more.  So glad I didn't and nice to not have really fought any cravings as a part of the evening.  They will come again, I know, but getting a sober dinner party under my belt was nice.

I did hike and swim today, didn't overeat and didn't have any cookies or chocolate.... so did my part against the onslaught of belly fat.

Done with Day 4.


  1. Thats great to hear. I hate being invited to things like that when Im not drinking, it fills me with dread, usually it turns out fine and I worried about nothing.

    I understand what you mean about trying on your clothes, wine bloat definitely will go away, but I notice for me it takes several weeks. Yu are doing so well! Im almost finished day 3.

    1. Great job on Day 3!! We CAN do this. We must. Truly.

  2. Awesome.
    A lot of the booze bloat goes away in a few weeks. I expect you will suddenly look in the mirror one day and be amazed at your bright eyes and skin!

  3. Gone wine belly!!
    I find the same thing at dinner parties now, especially now that I am older.
    When I was younger, all my friends dinner parties were big drinking affairs, but those have calmed down now.
    Good job and so glad you didn't drink!

  4. Your energy will shift and you'll feel great and the wine belly will be gone! Good for you for not succumbing and for realizing that drinking would only make you feel worse!