Monday, October 2, 2017

Las Vegas

Woke up and saw the news about Las Vegas.  The first picture I saw was of the shooter, holding a shot glass.  Many of the subsequent photos have been zoomed in and you don't see the shot glass.  Not sure why but perhaps because of the companion that had to be blurred out in the photo.  We may never know what, if any, role that alcohol played in his actions......but it certainly made me sit up when I saw that photo.

It just made me think how grateful I am that I became aware of my drinking behavior and have been on a journey to acknowledge it and change my habits surrounding drinking.  Granted, some people just "lose" it, but there are also so many stories of people "losing" it strictly due to alcohol.  Doing things, saying things they regret. 

I'm sure many of us have had moments where we got into fights (verbally or physically) with others, or know others who have done the same or have just done something really embarrassing that never would have happened without alcohol......people who feel intense shame the next day and aren't generally people you would think as folks who would just snap.

None of us really know what we are capable of, we don't really know what the person next to us is capable of.  But we certainly don't need to be taking substances in quantities that could cause us to become unglued.  With every sip, the risk really is there, for anyone who has trouble moderating.  Do we really want to continue taking such a risk????

Hugs to all in Vegas.  The concert was on a Sunday night, possibly having many more locals attend than on a Friday or Saturday night.  A hard hit to the community that surrounds the tourism industry. :-(



  1. So true. The number of mornings I woke up and regretted saying or doing something or worse, didn't remember saying or doing something but then found out about them later, is sadly high. Nights at University, nights with friends, nights alone drinking bottle after bottle in my kitchen..... Yeesh. Its horrible. I agree with your statement, "Do we really want to continue taking such a risk?" My answer is no.

  2. Most of my morning after cringes (the ones I remember anyway) were over relatively minor things, thankfully. The potential is always there for something to go very, very wrong once we lose control though which is scary. It is a relief not to have to worry about all that on top of the terrible events happening in the world at the moment. I hope you have a good weekend x