Thursday, September 7, 2017

It's working!!!

I'm so excited. I think for me I needed all or nothing.  I never, ever, thought I could eat such a restrictive diet but giving up all those things at the same time as alcohol has been lovely.  I don't feel deprived, haven't even craved alcohol last two nights and I do seem to have more energy, strangely enough.  I do take supplements and shakes along with just eating to avoid those things:  gluten, dairy, sugar, alcohol, caffeine and processed foods.

Unsweetened vanilla coconut milk ain't so bad in my tea, almond milk in my smoothie works too.

I've done okay on the processed foods side for the most part but I did break down and eat two grilled hamburger patties with mustard last night.  I.....needed...more....meat.  Lol.  But the mustard didn't have any of my "avoidances" in it so I think I'm alright.

Note that I will still implement bacon back in my diet at some point.  And blue corn tortilla chips.  Cannot live without those!

I'm really most looking forward to seeing if some of the inflammation I'm having in my feet due to arthritis and bloating in my gut tends to go down.  It seems a bit better already.  I've been walking 3 miles every day and it feels great.  I have been eating more beans though which could affect bloating so we'll see how my body adjusts or I will have to cut out beans.

It all makes sense.....if my body sugars were crashing at the end of each day, no wonder I craved wine.  My theory is that if I get my nutrition in line and have more energy, I won't crave the alcohol as much.  There is really no reason I need it, nothing truly major to tune out other than how I feel about my, therefore, working on the body!

Yay!  Day 3 today I guess!



  1. Good for you! Please keep pposting updates!

    1. Thanks, will do. Never, EVER, thought I would do this and suddenly it seemed like the right thing to do. I feel great, too! Alcohol seems up there with donuts, bread, chocolate and all the other stuff I wrote off for a bit. The true test will be to watch my body instincts as I introduce back some things and cheat a little someday!

  2. I had a weekend up at a cabin where I ate WAY too much, and all the processed food, and felt horrible. I have been back to regular diet this week, and slowly seems to be calming down.