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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

The Early Days

I find the early days of stopping drinking are easy.  I know I'll have moments where I'll need to draw from more than just willpower.  For now, though, I'm just going to enjoy these first 5 or so days where it feels like I'm sleeping better and getting more done.  That I'm not avoiding things.

I sure think of how nice it would be to sit down with wine but then I pat my bloated belly and think, not yet, not until it has gone away!  Ha!

I think going alcohol free in the New Year is easier because a lot of the holiday stress, hustle and bustle has dissipated.  I adore January through July.  I always feel mellow even without wine.  In August I start to feel pressured getting ready for the school year and in September I start sweating in anticipation of October through December.  My work is busiest and that, along with the holidays, makes my head spin.  It's not a surprise that when I caved in 2016 after 125 days, it was near the end of August.

This year I want to work on my toolbox better so that I am better prepared to move through the fall.

I'm not sure I'll blog every day like I did last go 'round.  This time I'm just letting things flow.  I want to have some documentation of my transitions but I'm also not feeling the blogging compulsion as much this time.

Today I'm patting myself on the back for making good decisions:  I didn't drink, I worked out and I ate better than of late.

Now I'm off to get more things done before bedtime comes.

Day 2 almost done!